Dissolving the Floors of Memory

Dissolving The Floors Of Memory…

2007 – 2009
20 photographs / prints on duratrans in light boxes, 41x31cm each

2 video films, 3min and 5min, loop, on displays

Exhibited:    King’s Lynn Arts Centre, UK

The installation consists of light boxes with photographic images of landscapes and cityscapes, taken in different countries and continents while travelling. The images are often blurred, as they were captured at high speed; with the details diminished the sites become less distinctive and barely recognisable. The same applies to our memories: as we travel further and more often, the journeys blur in our memory. Together this lends the images a sense of the poetic and almost meditative.

The video work Still Life focuses on a tiny detail in a landscape; whereas the film Speedy Life, shown alongside, represents high-speed movement.

The title for the work is taken from T.S. Elliott’s ‘Rhapsody on a Windy Night’, which was influenced by “Matter and Memory” by the philosopher Henri Bergson. The artist reflects on the increase in our pace of life and traveling as well as highlights the importance of photography as an assistant to our memories.