(alt) Works


Washing Line 2015 Installation

Of Dust 2014 Installation

Art Buffets 2012-ongoing Installation

Fedorov On Holiday 2013 Installation

We Are Made Of Dust 2011 Installation

When Your Future Life Flashes Before Your Eyes 2011 Series of Photographs

Gagarin Is A Dove of Peace 2011

Glory To Capitalism! 2010-2011 Installation

Dissolving The Floors of Memory 2007-2009 Installation

New Workwear Fashion  2009 Installation

Naturally, Artificially, Mystically  2009 Site-Specific Intervention

Space Oddity  2008 Installation  

When Estonian Peasant  2008 Installation

Perfect Safety Signs  2008 Site-Specific Intervention



Wild Fins  2005 Collaborative Poster

Go West!  2005 Installation

Celebration  2004 Site-Specific large scale 2D work, Installation

Love from Russia can take many forms!  2004, 2008 Performance

EUROvalentines  2002 Series of 2D works

EUROwindows  2002 Installation/Series of 2D works

Views of the Caucasus 2001-2003 Installation/Series of 2D works


Happy New Year!  2000-2001 Series of Digital Prints

Happy Easter! 2000-2001 Series of Digital Prints

Vienna and Environs 2000-2001 Series of Digital Prints

Paris Dolls  2000-2001 Series of Photographs

Voskresnik 2000 Installation

Inner Mongolia  1999-2000 Series of 2D Works

Works on Paper/Collages  1998-2000 Series of 2D Works

Soft Geometry  1997-1999 Series of 2D Works

Natural Geometry  1995-1998 Series of 2D Works