When Your Future Life Flashes Before Your Eyes


When Your Future Life Flashes Before Your Eyes


8 Giclee Prints on Canvas, 50.8cm x 76.2cm each panel
Exhibited: Exhibition ‘Womb To World’, Clare Hall, The University of Cambridge

According to recent studies, the human fetus is sensitive to light from the very early stages of its development. Some people believe that they remember their birth and can recreate visually even the period of being in their mother’s womb. When do we start seeing and remembering? It’s a commonly held belief that your life flashes before your eyes before you die.
How many of those flashes will be based on the photographs we use to help us to remember events in our lives?

I have been exploring the human ability to see and memorise some important events during the early stages of our lives, such as our own birth, in the context of photography as an aid in remembering the past.
My contribution to the Womb to World exhibition included a series of giclee prints, based on photographs, which are brightened to reflect a newly born baby’s first visual perceptions of its surroundings.

My gratitude to Dr Lucy Chappell, Consultant Obstetrician and a Senior Lecturer in Maternal and Fetal Medicine at St Thomas’ Hospital (London) for her kind assistance with the development of this project.

Exhibition was part of ‘Womb To World’ birth related series of events (curated by Thereza Wells, Artakt), which included a series of discussions at Wellcome Collection London and conference organised by Dr Francoise Barbira Freedman, Dept of Social Anthropology and Fellow of Clare Hall, The University of Cambridge.
Link: http://www.artakt.co.uk/projects/womb-to-world/

© Olga Jürgenson