Views of the Caucasus


Views of the Caucasus

Digital prints, 29.7x21cm each print

Exhibited as Photographic Installation at Conway Hall, London (2003), Diorama Gallery, London (2004), Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery (2005), UK

For this series of stereo photographs Views of the Caucasus Jürgenson used photographic images from different wars: beginning with ones taken in the early days of photographic documentation (American Civil War 19th century), along with photos from several wars of the 20th century, as well as the most recent photographs taken by the artist from a TV screen, while the news from Chechnya was broadcast in 2001. These images from different wars are mixed up, with no chronological or geographical connection made between them. As such each war becomes the same as every other, each with the same obvious result: death and destruction.

Views of the Caucasus are imitations of stereographs. The doubling of the images devalues the personality of the subject as well as making a reference to the repetitiveness of war.

Views of the Caucasus was awarded Peterborough Exhibiting Group Prize.


© Olga Jürgenson