Perfect Safety Signs

2008, Public Art, Site Specific

Perfect Safety Signs


Site-specific intervention. Part of Wysing Inside Out, Wysing Arts Centre

For this intervention Olga Jürgenson bought some ready-made Health & Safety signs and placed them in carefully selected places around the Wysing Arts Centre’s site. The signs were often combined together and when placed in their new contexts, were given a completely different meaning. The work questioned the necessity of an increased number of Health & Safety signs, which though designed to attract attention in order to protect the public, become unnoticed.

Wysing Inside Out was a project in which the entire 11 acres site of Wysing Arts Centre has been turned over to the 24 contemporary artists who worked from it every day. Wysing Inside Out was part of Tate Modern and ICA’s Out of Bounds season, to celebrate the launch of the Cultural Olympiad.


© Olga Jürgenson