Naturally, Artificially, Mystically…

2009, Painting, Public Art, Site Specific

Naturally, Artificially, Mystically…


Part of one-day intervention The Garden of Cyrus in Kings Street, Norwich. Series of plaques placed on hoardings, MDF, stencils, mixed media

Stylistically the original text of Thomas Browne’s The Garden of Cyrus veers abruptly from passages of sublime purple prose to crabbed notebook jotting, which makes it incredibly difficult to read, especially to a modern reader. Nevertheless it is also full of densely-packed symbolism, imagery and baroque extravagances of the hermetic imagination, and it remains an important work of English literature.

For the series of hand made plaques Olga Jürgenson took some quotes from Thomas Browne’s The Garden of Cyrus out of context, so they sound even more odd, profound and often poetic. The plaques were made similar to the modern Health and Safety Signs, but in non-standard colours and placed on the hoardings in Kings Street.

A few examples of the quotes from Thomas Browne’s The Garden of Cyrus:
The Earth is the Garden of Nature;
You have wisely ordered your vegetable delights;
Many were Florists that knew not the true use of a Flower;

The Garden of Cyrus was a day of artistic interventions by 7 artists from across the UK based on the writings of Sir Thomas Browne.


© Olga Jürgenson