Art Buffets

2015, Installation, Painting

Art Buffets

 2011 – ongoing
Exhibited: 2014 Rizzordi Foundation, St Petersburg, Russia; part of UK-Russia Year of Culture 2014

A series of paintings and drawings combined with a video film as a part of the installation. Each work consists of 3-4 canvases; usually one painting with a photorealistic image is combined together with a drawing on a canvas and an abstract/ blank canvas, covered with white satin enamel. The drawings are to be drawn on canvas or directly on the wall of the exhibition space.

 Drinks and buffet (or ‘finger’) food are often offered to the public at previews of art exhibitions. A few years ago I decided to broaden my research of the art world by not only tasting the canapés, but also by taking photos of them with the aim of producing a series of paintings.

There is often an intrigue in the photographic images of buffet food: it’s not always clear what it is made from, so the initial photograph seems already semi-abstract, which makes the painter’s job even more challenging. This effect is enhanced with the totally blown up scale of the painted food compared to the real tiny morsels.

© Olga Jürgenson